You'll have access to an impressive arsenal of over 200 hand-drawn OG tanks divided into three distinct categories. Get ready for action because you'll have to fight your way to the top.

How players gain access to tanks?

At the outset, you'll get 5 tanks from the first category, allowing for a quick and dynamic entry into the Battle Alliance Galaxy. However, the real fun begins when you embark on the challenge of acquiring additional tanks.

  1. Basic Tanks These tanks are your entry point into the game, providing a balanced mix of mobility and firepower. Their weaponry might be considered standard, but don't underestimate their potential for strategic use.

  2. Medium Tanks They represent a step up the ladder of power and versatility. These tanks boast enhanced weaponry, making them formidable opponents on the battlefield. With their improved armor and more advanced guns, you'll have a force to be reckoned with.

  3. Heavy Tanks The heavyweights represent a significant step up the ladder of power and versatility. Their destructive potential is unmatched. These tanks are not just vehicles; they are machines.

In the Battle Alliance, the categories of tanks offer a progression system that ensures strategic gameplay. Will you favor mobility and tactics with Basic Tanks, upgrade to Medium Tanks for added firepower, or aim to command Heavy Tanks with their immense destructive power? The choice is yours.

Each tank can be purchased using points earned during gameplay. In multiplayer version, tanks will be mintable from the game and you will be able trade and exchange your favorite tanks with other players. This will add an extra layer of depth and value to the game.

However, Battle Alliance is not just about creating and collecting tanks. This game offers intense tank battles that will test your tactical skill, strategy, and reaction time. Battles take place in various environments, giving you the opportunity to adapt to different situations and conditions.

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