The Battle Alliance team comprises professionals with expertise in the gaming industry, IT, finance, and cryptocurrency sectors, as well as a group of seasoned international serial entrepreneurs.


Development and Art

Development team After accumulating more than three decades of experience in the gaming and visual entertainment industry, the development team has had the privilege of collaborating with major global corporations and production studios, gaining profound expertise in the industry’s production processes. Crafting content for a wide array of both domestic and international clients, overseeing projects that include TV commercials, music videos, computer animation, visual effects, sound design, software development, and educational workshops. Group of a visionaries who transforms all our ideas into reality.

Stargazer - Art direction 𝕏 With over a decade crafting digital narratives at the nexus of design and blockchain, Stargazer is a pioneering digital designer and branding specialist. 1aster yin illustrations, branding, and NFTs fuels their creative journey, while collaborations with agencies and freelance ventures attest to their versatile expertise. Stargazer’s designs seamlessly merge artistic innovation with technological edge, producing resonant brand identities and groundbreaking NFT artworks. A featured speaker in blockchain circles, they passionately share insights on design’s role in shaping this transformative industry.

Governance and Finance Unit

Marketing, Community, Operations

Granite - Chief Marketing An accomplished entrepreneur and influencer with a diverse skillset (SEO, PPC, Busines, Marketing, Managment). His expirience makes him the ultimate marketing manager of multiple 7-figure projects. Previosly founder of Crypto Academy – a leading crypto news agency.

Davor B. - Executive assistant 𝕏 Executive Assistant skilled in Discord management and community engagement. His focus is on streamlining Discord server operations and building strong community connections to boost our team’s overall success.

Tena L. - Executive assistant 𝕏 She empowers young minds to reach for the stars by day and delves into web3 by night. She’s here to connect the dots, balance, and empower Battle Alliance. She’s passionate about creating, engaging, and building a vibrant project.

Advision, Support, Testing

Nino C. - QA Engineer / Tech Guy 𝕏 Tech guy with over 20 years of experience in IT support. I’m also a QA engineer, dedicated to ensuring top-notch quality in every project.

Josip S. - QA Engineer / Tech Guy Our Linux guru and the go-to IT guy for everything, with over two decades of dedicated IT experience, his journey has been marked by a relentless drive for innovation and a knack for solving complex problems. Pushing boundaries, fostering collaboration with remarkable teams, and staying ahead of the curve in industry trends.

Marijan H. - Game dev With a deep understanding of C++ and Unreal Engine, his technical prowess ensures that every project he touches runs flawlessly and looks stunning. He’s the problem-solving wizard who turns challenges into opportunities.

Ivan G. - Game dev Unreal Engine specialist with a keen eye for creating visually stunning and immersive game worlds. With over a decade of experience, his expertise in Unreal Engine extends to crafting intricate game mechanics and realistic environments, turning game concepts into interactive masterpieces.

Goran R. - Game tester Goran, a consistent top-ranked player in Croatia with numerous platinum trophies, once ranked 45th globally and even reached 3rd place worldwide for PS5 trophies. His expertise extends to playing, reviewing, and testing games for various gaming companies and portals, with a special focus on indie and retro titles.

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