NFT Collections

Battle Alliance NFT collections on Cardano blockchain are SOLD OUT. You can acquire them on one of the secondary markets.


Our pride and joy. This OG collection hold a special place in our hearts as they mark the inception of this journey. BattleCats are launched in 3 series. All are hand drawn and digitally colored, each one with love and great passion. Unique, exactly how they should be. No script used. Divided into 6 categories (common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary and mythical) and also under 6 different names: Mau, Toro, CupCake, Chief, Ivy and RatCat.

BattleCats Policy ID

series 1 - c07e62a665caad39fed2acfdfdd6d7deed59e2f58b134f977340202d series 2 - cd2f9cee4102e355e2c0177c191650c29ec2c7d4c98f33c015d5606f series 3 - baf017739de75a5331f96ef3b51b8992785622ddcd91afc10a1c8421

Mutated BattleCats

Ever seen NFT portfolio mutated?!

Mutated BattleCats are unique characters created out of holders already one-of-a-kind fighting kitties and from their portfolio.

Hand drawn and animated with detailed hand drawn backgrounds from our hometown Cakovec in Croatia. Each NFT was created specifically for its owner. 75 Mutated BattleCats are superpowered and the elite of the Battle Alliance NFTs.

Mutated BattleCats Policy ID



Bearing loyalty as their most potent weapon, the BattleDogs mint was free for the community. They are a sequel to the story of the BattleCats. As the team is constantly trying to raise the bar to a higher level, the BattleDogs NFT collection continued with a slightly different style while honoring the same values of being hand-drawn and unique NFTs. There are 1530 NFTs in the collection.

BattleDogs Policy ID

BattleDogs - 4fcb459ea8b804fb42d8f37abc5557652194432fac5de0cbb7cdf66a


Apes have joined our troupe, adding a wild twist. All NFTs are unique, hand drawn and digitally colored. Magnificent assembly of 2236 BattleApes NFTs within Cardano treasure trove.

BattleApes Policy ID

BattleApes - e996721aba6558ede0f5f27fce5bcf7b3fae796eff6cd0d88306271b


Last Guardians are brave beings with Battle Alliance traits. Limited collection of NFTs, a project we took over. A rare cadre of 410 LastGuardians, silently nurturing their concealed potential, waiting to be unveiled.

LastGuardian Policy ID

LastGuardian - e03f739d66eb6593615bd5007f602e577e2e1e11a03e5f56d0e2f65f


  • access to all games, including mini-games

  • points in all games +3% for higher chances of winning major prizes

  • all super weapons unlocked

  • access to all characters and tanks from partner projects

  • guaranteed bonus token airdrop and token vesting booster with x2 multiplier

  • tank bundle airdrop, weapon bundle airdrop

  • benefits for future drops and guaranteed WL

  • random airdrops

  • opportunity to win BattleApes Reborn (ETH

BattlePass Policy ID

BattlePass - fb5b9a1615791a69e68cda682902455c7e1ed257142e2188df155213

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