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CardanoLands - $HEXO

Stake NFTs from project collections and earn daily $HEXO rewards. Make your NFTs work for you while letting them sit safely within your wallet.

Battle Alliance NFT holders can earn Hexonium tokens by staking qualified CNFTs.

Every user with supported NFT holdings can start their journey by engaging in the staking process.

To become a member, users need to connect their Cardano wallet (NAMI or Eternl) and follow a quick registration process. After connecting your wallet, CardanoLands will automatically discover CNFTs linked to it, and will offer a calculation of the expected rewards. Note that the in-game staking mechanism does NOT take or “freeze” your CNFT through smart contracts - it only recognizes true ownership. Users can still interact with and sell their CNFTs whenever they wish to do so.

To start staking you need to open the project dashboard in the list -

More information about CardanoLands can be found in their Whitepaper.

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